September 25, 2024

14th International Conference Modernization of oil and gas refinery, Neftegazopererabotka-2024, September 25, 2024

Issues of modernization of oil and gas refining and petrochemical capacities, problems of interaction with licensors, the practice of import substitution, modern models of investment project ...
October 30, 2024

18th International Conference Oil and Gas Field Services in Russia, Neftegazservis-2024, October 30, 2024

A traditional meeting place for managers of geophysical and drilling enterprises, as well as companies involved in well repair. Contractors informally discuss current issues with their customers - ...
Octember 31, 2024

17th International Conference Offshore Oil and Gas Contracts, Neftegazshelf-2024, Octember 31, 2024

The conference discusses not only the supply of industrial products to Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL, Gazflot and other companies operating on the shelf, but also issues of developing ports and ...
February 27, 2025

7th International Conference Projects, Modernization, Procurement in Power Industry, Investenergo-2025, 27 February 2025

The conference brings together logistics and capital construction services of generating, grid and distribution companies. In an informal setting, colleagues can exchange views on suppliers, ...
March 27, 2025

19th International Conference Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain,Neftegazsnab-2025, March 27, 2025

The goal of the annual conference of heads of logistics services of the oil and gas complex is to create a transparent and open system for selecting suppliers for oil and gas companies. At the ...
May 29, 2025

14th International Conference Oil & Gas Industry Construction, Neftegazstroy-2025, May 29, 2025

Various oil and gas projects are being implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation: modernization of oil and gas processing, large projects in the field of oil and gas chemistry, ...