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Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

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Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain: March 11, 2008 Summary


About the Book

Materials of the conference Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain (NEFTEGAZSNAB-2008) are presented in a full color, enamel paper publication.

Collaboration between oil and gas equipment manufacturers and their customers
Key measures to ensure quality and competitiveness of products supplied to OJSC Gazprom
The system of order placement in OJSC Gazprom and prospects for its development
Organization of efforts to substitute imported products in OJSC Gazprom
Organization of efforts to roll-out quality management standards of OJSC Gazprom in supplier companies
Procurement system of OJSC Gazpromneft
Investment activities and competitive purchase tenders in subsidiaries of OJSC SIBUR Holding
Leasing of oilfield and drilling equipment
System of uniform requirements for suppliers and contractors and supplier certification
Automatic equipment for the oil and gas industry
Integrated approach to procurement in oil and gas companies
Coordination Council of Oil and Gas Equipment Operators
Association of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers

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