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Oil and Gas Field Services in Russia: October 21, 2008 Summary


About the Conference

The third international conference “Oil and Gas Field Services in Russia” (NEFTEGAZSERVIS-2008) took place on October 21  in Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel. At the annual meeting, heads of  major oilfield services providing companies discuss the current market situation and performance results for the year.  The October 21 meeting was attended by  general director of Siberian Service Company Rafael Nnuriev,  general director of TNG-Group Rinat Kharisov, general director of Rimera Group Vladimir Khristenko, operations vice-president  of BK “Eurasia” Vadim Bayanov, chairman of the board of directors of OJSC  “NPP “Burservis”   Robert Ashimov, director of “Tyumenpromgeofizika” Dmitry Kryuchkov,  general director of OJSC “Yakutskgeofizika” Alexander Makhorin, president of CJSC “Yamalpromgeofizika”  Viktor Gapetchenko, president of OJSC “OTO-Management” Sergey Mishin, director of customer relations of Schlumberger Yury Pankov, vice-president drilling and well survey of  Baker Hughes Drilling  Dmitry Kuzovenkov, general director of OJSC “VNIPIvzryvgeofizika”  Mustafa Arislanov, director of OJSC “Purgeofizika” Akif Asterov and many other players of the oilfield services market.   
NEFTEGAZSERVIS-2008 was traditionally chaired by president of Integra Group Felix Lyubashevsky who initiated the meetings.  The chairman said in his opening speech that “the year to come will be hard for the oilfield services market. Only strong and large companies able to invest in development will survive”. 
Prior to the conference, president of BK “Eurasia” Alexander Bogachev said in the interview to the n-g-k studio   that experts predict a 20-25 percent fall in the oilfield services market. The crisis and anticrisis measures were discussed by many speakers. A speech was also delivered by Jane Kitson, commercial attach of the U.S. Embassy.   
Participants of Conference «Neftegazservis-2008»:
• Felix Lyubashevsky, President of ZAO "Integra Management"
• Rafael Nuriev, Director General of ZAO "Siberia Service Comapny"
• Rinat Kharisov, Director General of LLC “TNG-Group”
• Vladimir Khristenko, Director General of ZAO “Rimera”
• Yuri Ikonnikov, Head of Oil and Gas Production department of   "NK "LUKOIL"
• Alexander Zakharov, Vice-president for well Workover OOO “Drilling Company Eurasia”
• Vadim Bayanov, Vice-president of production “Drilling Company Eurasia”
• Donat Folkmar Chief Representative of Bentec GmbH Drilling & Oilfield Systems
• Yuri Pankov, Representative Director of  Schlumberger Lodgelco Inc
• Roman Onokalo, Manager in Russia and CIS countries, Sondex
• Dmitry Kuzovenkov, Vice president for well drilling and surveying Baker Hughes B.V.
• Jane Kittson, Commercial Attache of US Embassy
• Jan Januar, Director of Corporation Filia “Input/Output, Ink”
 • Ivan Vorobyev, Cosalting Director, Head of practice “Effective staff management”, EKOPSI Consalting
• Filarid Akhmatdinov, Director General of OOO “Bashgeoproekt”
• Robert Ashimov, Chairman of Board of Directors of OAO “NPP “Burservis”
• Nail Bilyalov, Drilling Director of ZAO “GEOTECK Holding”
• Nikolay Pekarnikov, Director General of OAO “Oil pump Service
• Natalya Andreeva, Member of board of Director of OAO "NizhnevartovskNIPIneft"
• Igor Malykhin, Operation Director of OOO “Mirriko management”
• Viktor Pankratyev, Deputy Director General of ZAO “NEGAS”
• Salavat Kuzyaev, Director General of OOO “Nekko”
• Akiff Askerov, Managing Director of OAO “Pugeophysica”
 •Vladimir Kozlov, Chairman of Board of Directors of OAO “Yakutskgeophysica”  
• Victor Gapetchenko, President of ZAO “Yamalpromgeophysica”
• Andrey Zhuravlyev, Technical Manager of Moscow Representative office LLC “Newco Well Service” • Alexander Radov, Executive Director of LLC “Newco Well Service”
 • David Wilbeck, Business Manager od LLC “Newco Well Service”
• Evgeny Kolesnik, Head of geology department of OJSC “Oil Technology Overseas”
• Radif Tuktarov, Vice president for drilling of NJSC “Oil Technology Overseas”
• Sergey Gordeyev, Director General of OAO “Zavodoukovsky mashinostroitelny zavod”
• Sergey Babak, Service Department Director of OAO “AK OZNA”
 • Valentin Maslov, Director General of ZAO “Service Center-Drilling Technology”
 •Anatoly Dmitriev, Chief Machanic of OAO “Tatneft”
• Vladimir Shabrov, Vice president for strategy and development of OOO “Drilling Company “Eurasia”
 •Fanzat Ismagilov,  Director of Workover and enhanced oil recovery of OAO “Tatneft”
• Radik Afletonov, Director of OOO “Tatneft –Energoservis”
 • Marat Timerkaev, Director General of OOO “Tekhinformservis”
• Sergey Denisenko, Deputy Director General of ZAO “TD “TMK”
 • Alexander Makhorin, Director General of OAO “Yakutskgeophysica”
• Evgeniy Pechersky, Head of Oil and Gas Department of Schneider Electric
• Anton Finogentov, Marketing Director of OAO “AK OZNA”
•Marat Dautov, Director General of OAO “NPP Burservis”
• Rafail Khaerlanamov, Head of Drilling Department of OAO “NPP “Burservis”
• Konstantin Smirnov, Investment Director of Representative office of Limited Liability Company “Baring Vostok Capital Partners Limited”
• Vladimir Kornilov, Director General of ZAO “Volgar-1”
 •Alexey Sokolov, Chief Engineer of  ZAO “Volgar-1”
• Tatyana Bush, Director of OOO “STK GEOSTAR”
• Ivan Azamnov, Deputy Director of Technical Department of OOO “STK GEOSTAR”
• Mikhail Bobrov, Commercial Director of OOO “VNIIBT-Burovoy instrument”
 •Irina Bondarenko, Marketing Specialist of SDT ZAO “ ChTPZ – Complex piping systems”
 • Dmitry Vasykov, Corporate Planning Director of ZAO “Siberia Service Company”
• Dmitry Borisov, Director for marketing and business development of ZAO “Integra Management”
• Victor Videneev, Director General of OOO “Engineering Company “Oil and Gas Service Systems”
• Andrey Pavlov, Executive Director of OOO “A.D.D Service”
• Bayazit Gabdullin, Deputy Director of OOO “NPF “Packer
• Alexandra Gennadievna, Marketing and Strategy Directorm of Smith Drilling Services
• Dzhamil Girfanov, Executive Director of OOO “Tatneft- AktubinskRemServis”
• Ologa Efremenko, Head of Marketing department of OOO “A.D.D. Servis”
• Bogdan Zaslabsky, Chief Engineer of ZAO  PGO “Tyumenpromgeophysica”
• Alexey Valeev, Deputy Director General of Moscow Representative Office FGUP “Voronezh mechanical plant”
• Konstantin Kayurov, Director General of ZAO NPP GA “ Luch”
• Svetlana Kononova, Manager of “Main line Equipment” Department  of ZAO “Rimera”
• Denis Krylov, Deputy Director General for business planning and property management of OOO RN –Servis”
• Ildar Mannapov, Executive Director of OOO “Tatneft-AznakaevskRemServis”
• Alexander Merkulov, Deputy Director General of OAO “VNIIPIvzryvgeophysica”
 •Artur Mosheev, Vice-president, Director of credit operations of OAO “NOMOS –BANK”
• Marat Nagumanov, Directoe of OOO “NPF “Packer”
• Magomed Omarov, Director General of OOO TD “RINAKO”
• Dmitry Osadchenko, Deputy General Director of OAO “Vilzhsy diesel after Mamynikh”
• Mikhail Margolin, PR Manager of OOO “Mirriko management”
• Mariya Patrusheva, Coroporate Communication Manager of ZAO “Rimera”
• Rustam Rakhmatullin, Vice-president, Commercial Director of ZAO “GEOTECK Holding”
 •Evgeniy Boldyrev, Director of Service Technology of OOO “OTO Recovery”
• Andrey Sokolov, Chiev Engineer of ZAO “Volgar-1”
• Yuriy Sterlyadev, Chief Engineer of UK OOO “Tatneft- RemServis”
• Alexander Orlov, Deputy Director of Merging Department and strategic consulting of OAO “NOMOS-BANK”
• Yana Shorokhova, Director General of OOO “Rusta-Broker”
• Denis Tikhomirov, Production Director of OOO “SGK-Bureniye”
•Rustem Khabibullin, Chief Technologist of OOO NPP “Burintekh
• Yalik Yanbukhtin, sales Manager of OOO NPP”Burintekh”
• Petr Vanyukov, Regional sales Manager of OAO “GLAVLISING”
• Alexander Parshin, Deputy Director General for marketing and commerce of OAO “Zavodoukovsky mashinostroitelny zavod”
• Yuri Kreschenov, Service Sales manger of OAO “ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA”
• Viktor Mikhaylov, Service Director of OAO “ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA”
• Igor Vorobyev, Marketing Director for oil and gas equipment of ZAO “OKB Zenit”
• Evgeniy Tokmakov, Director for oil and gas equipment of ZAO “OKB Zenit”
• Mikhail Epov, Director of Institute of Oil and Gas Geology and Geophysics after A.A. Trofimuk” SO RAN
• Mikhail Loyferman, Member of Board of Directors of ZAO “IOMZ”
• Sergey Shteynikov, Director General of ZAO “IOMZ”
• Sergey Kipaykin, Deputy Director General for Sales of ZAO “KAMTENT”
• Viktor Skopenko, Deputy Marketing Director of ZAO “KAMTENT”
• Mikhail Panfilov, Executive Director of ZAO “Karbookam”
• Vasiliy Schukin, Vice president of OOO “L-Bureniye”
• Eduard Gura, Deputy Production Director of OAO “Mashprom”
• Alexander Tyrsin, Diretor General of OAO “Mashprom”
• Rustam Kamaletdinov, Deputy Director General of OAO “Oil pump Service”
• Gulnara Keingebulatova, Commercial Specialist of US Embassy
•Marat Bagautdinov, Deputy Marketing Director od OOO “SNEMA-SERVIS”  
• Alexey Avraskin, Deputy Director of OOO “Region”
• Roman Kuzyakin, General Director of OOO “RIK-Servis”
• Viktor Kemkin, Deputy Director General for foreign economic projects of OOO Managing Company “North Expedition”
• Sergey Stepanov, Deputy Director General for drilling OOO Managing Company ““North Expedition”
• Dmitry Baldenko, Chief Research Officer of NPO “Burovaya Tekhnika”  
• Yuri Baratynskiy, Head ofMarketing Department of ZAO “TD “TMK”
•Nadezhda Choporova, Supply Manager, OOO “Siberia leasing company”
• Alexey Shamilyev, Supply Chain Manager OOO “Siberia leasing company”
• Oleg Anashkin, Association of oil and gas manufacturers in Russia
• Aleksey Lavrov, Director General of OOO “Trans-Technology”
• Tduard Golubchenko, Marketing Department Manager of ZAO PGO “Tyumenptomgeophysica”
• Igor Kozulya, Marketing Director of ZAO “ChTPZ- Complex piping systems”
•Alexander Grishin, Deputy Director General of OAO NPP “Etalon”

• Nikolay Svetashov, Deputy Director General of OOO “Yugson Servis”





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