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Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

oil-and-gas industry, electric power industry, coal mining industry

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Oil and Gas Field Services in Russia: October 9, 2012 Summary



List of NEFTEGAZSERVICE participants

3M Russia, marketing coordinator
Deloitte, subdivision manager of Strategy and Operation in oil and gas group
EMG Automation GmbH, head of representative in CIS
Automation of production, technical director
Aggreko Eurasia, director general
Aggreko Eurasia, marketing specialist
Azimuth, director general
I D S navigator, director general
I S G-Consulting, director general
I S G-Consulting, marketing specialist
I S G-Consulting, commercial director
I S G-Consulting, development director
Alcol- Chemicals, director general
ALMET, director general
ALMET, head of oil equipment department
ALMET, head of advanced planning department
AMT-Antocor, director general
ARGOS, deputy director general on economics
Askom- N, director general
Askom- N, deputy director general
Bashkirsky Zavod of electrical products, head of sales department
Bashneftegeophysica, director general
Bashneft, vice president of oil service organization management
Bashneft, director of department to support business in NSO
Bashneft, finance director- director of finance-economics department of oil service organizations
Bashneft- Drilling, director general
Bashneft-Polus, deputy general director of drilling
Bashneft-Polus, chief deputy engineer, head of department
Baker Hughes, director of business development
BURINTECH, director general
BURINTECH, deputy general director of drilling and development- commercial director
BURINTECH, deputy director general of service- head of drilling department
BURSERVIS, director general
BURSERVIS, executive director
BURSERVIS, marketing and development director
VBM-Group, technical director of oil&gas division
Weatherford Holdings, strategic project manager
Volgaburmash, service director
VTB Leasing, executive officer of special projects division
VTB Leasing, head of Finance department
Gazprom invest Jug, deputy head of Department on construction and oil well overhaul
Gazpromneft, head of oil service procurement department
Gazprombank, executive vice president
Gazprombank, head of Department
Gazprombank Leasing, director general
Gazprombank Leasing, director general
Gazpromneft- Snabzhenije, deputy general director of commerce
Gazpromneft- Snabzhenije, marketing specialist
Generation Drilling equipment, director general
Generation Drilling equipment, director of the engineering center of drilling installations
Geotech-2, director general
Geophysical Data System, director
Geophysmash, CEO
Geoelectronica service, director general
GEFEST, head of sales department
GEFEST, project manager of oil&gas complex
HydroMon, technical director
HydroMon, director general
GPB Resource, sales manager
GPN-Development, head of department of contracting and service purchasing
Lorries- Group GAZ, chief sales specialist
G E Rus, regional director in Russia/ CIS countries, Drilling engines department, Stationary diesel -generators
ElAZ, head of the Moscow representative
ElAZ, deputy general director
Zavodoukovsky machine-building plant, deputy director general on sales and marketing issues
ZVEZDA-ENERGETICA, deputy director general, Director DPNR & S
Industrialny pokrytija, marketing specialist
Integra-Drilling, Director of well site construction Department
Integra Management, Head of Department of cooperation with the state authorities
Intellect Drilling Service, director general
IPC F&EC, rector
IPC F&EC, assistant principle on economics and strategic planning
Kombinat Electrochimpribor, deputy director general on civil products
IMS Corporation, director general
Krasny proletary, deputy director general
LUKOIL, head of a physical methods department
LUKOIL, head of department of geoinformation provision of design and modern technologies GIS & GDU
LUKOIL, head of pumping technologies and down hole treatment
LUKOIL, head of department of effective drilling and well pumping
Luch, director general
Metallist, associate director
Metallist, first associate director
METALLURG, director general
Minpromtorg Russia, head of oil&gas machine building, machines and equipment for processing industries
Minenergo of Russia, advisor
Mirrico, operation director
Mirrico, shareholder
Mirrico, chief specialist Group PR marketing Department
Mirrico (Industry chemistry), executive director
Mirrico (Service of drilling fluids), executive director
National oil&gas institute, director general
NG-Energo, sales director
NG-Energo, head of sales services
NGK- Technologies, director general
Neftespetsstroytechnologies, director general
Orelkompressormach, director of the Moscow branch
Partner NKT, director
PetroAllince, director general
Petroviser, first deputy director general
Polyplast Novomoscovsk, sales director
Polyplast Novomoscovsk, head of direction petro chemistry
The USA Embassy, commercial attaché
The USA Embassy, commercial specialist
PromTechInvest, deputy director general on technical issues
PromTechInvest, head of marketing & sales
PSM, executive director
PSM, head of department of gas generation and power drive
PSM, assistant head of department in cooperation with corporate customers
R.S.- Drilling, director general
R.S.- Drilling, deputy director general of business development
R.S.- Drilling, deputy sales director
RADOP, technical director
RASTAM, director general
RYNACO, director general
RYTEC, deputy director general
RYTEC, head of Department of oil&gas exploration
Rosneft, director of Department of oil production services and supervising
Rosneft, assistant head of department of drilling, oil well technologies and supervising
Rosneft, deputy director of Department of economics and business planning
Rosneft, head of Department of oil well technologies
Rosneft, head of service development Department
Rosneft, assistant head of Department of pricing and planning of service companies
RU-Energy Group, vice-president on oil services
RU-Energy Group, head of marketing department
RusGazEngineering, marketing director
RussNeft, head of department of oil&gas exploration
RussNeft, deputy director of department of oil&gas exploration
RUEC, director general
Samaraneftegeophysica, director general
Samarsky gypsous factory, deputy director general of strategic markets development
Sberbank Leasing, head of department of cooperation with major customers
Sevmash, marketing specialist
Serviceremmash, director
Serviceremmash, CEO
Service TEC- Drilling, director general
Service TEC- Drilling, business development director
Service TEC- Drilling, commerce director
Service TEC- Drilling, deputy director general of drilling waters service
Sib Trade Service, director general
Siberian leasing company, head of department of cooperation with customers
Siberian service company, deputy marketing director
SojuzNefteGaz, service project director
Sojuzoptchim, director general
Sojuzoptchim, head of oil department
Sojuzoptchim, head of sales department
Spetsgeologorazvedka, director general
Spezmornefteport Primorsk, head of production department
SpetsCementService, director general
SpetsCementService, deputy director general on development
Stavropolneftegeophysica, director general
STC GEOSTAR, director
Stroynovatia, director general
STEP LOGIC, marketing specialist
TagraS-Holding, director general
Tatneft , head of department of well site overhaul and enhanced oil recovery
Tatneft , assistant head of drilling department- head of department of techno- technological analysis
Tatneft , deputy head of department on PNP
Tatneft , deputy head of department of oil well overhaul, drilling & PNP
Tatneft , head of oil well construction department NGDU “Yamashneft”
Technostroyleasing, sales director
TNG-Group, director general
TNG-Group, first deputy director general
TNK-BP Management, director of service procurement USS BN Exploration and mining
TNK-BP Management, director of service procurement department KS USS BN Exploration and mining
Tomskburneftegaz, deputy general director of marketing & development
Tomskburneftegaz, head of pricing department
Tomskgazpromgeophysica, executive director
Trading house Votkinsky Zavod, head of bureau
Trading house OMZ, director general
Tumen water purification system, lawyer
UDOL, director general
UDOL, chief engineer
UDOL, deputy director general of production and IS
ULK-MASHSERVICE, academic adviser of the director general
Uralmash NGO holding, head of drilling equipment department
Uralmash NGO holding, head of marketing department
URALSIB Capital, vice-president of corporate finance Department and advisory activities
FAS of Russia, deputy head of department
CHIMPACK, head of sales department of interdisciplinary chemistry
Schlumberger, vice-president
Schlumberger, director of marketing and technologies
Shtokman Development AG, deputy head of department to attract Russian suppliers and contractors
Experimental works Neftechim, executive director
Elmash, commercial director
EMG Automation GmbH, head of representative in CIS countries
Etalon, head of marketing department

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