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Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

oil-and-gas industry, electric power industry, coal mining industry

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Construction in Oil and Gas Industry: May 22, 2014 Summary


About the Conference

Large-scale infrastructural projects implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation include: oil and gas pipelines construction; continental shelf development; construction of terminals. Basic problems discussed at the Neftegazstroy Conference include creation of the civilized oil and gas construction market, the construction contractor selection practices, and maximal engagement of the Russian contracting companies. The contractors will be able to contact their customers and colleagues, to broaden outlooks and to set useful business links.

Topics for the discussion
- The state regulation of the oil and gas construction. Currentstateandmarkettrendsof the industrial construction in the oil and gas industry branch
- Survey of the investment projects and the engineering in the oil and gas industry
- Investment programs of the oil and gas companies
- Trade restrictions on the part of the USA and EU
- Activities under the new economic conditions
- Expenses survey of the natural monopolies and price formation
- Import substitution
- Acquisition of technologies - alternatives to the Western ones
- Developmentoftheengineeringin Russia: the technological, educational and legislative aspects
- Facilities of the Russian contractors. ExpansionoftheRussianshareof the subcontractors on the market
- Constrainsandsolutionsoftheefficiency of the projects in the Russian oil and gas complex
- Experience of the foreign subcontractors and features of the interaction with the Russian partners

Conference program:
10-00 Welcome coffee
11-00-12-30 Session I
12-30-13-30 Coffee break, networking
13-30-15-00 Session II
15-00-16-00 Lunch in restaurant, networking
16-00-17-30 Session III
17-30-19-30 Standing buffet, networking, entertainment program, Sponsors’ prize drawing

Photoreport on previous conferences:
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- Neftegazstroy-2013

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