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Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

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Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain: November 14, 2006 Summary


About the Conference

The conference “Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain - 2006” was held in Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel on 14 November 2006. This was the first gathering of heads of Russian oil companies’ supply chain functions. The conference was initiated by the Association of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers that is a strong supporter of a transparent and open supply chain in the oil and gas industry. The event presentation of the Council of Oil and Gas Equipment Users that is supported by the Federal Agency of Energy, JSC Gazprom, JSC NK Risneft, JSC TNK-BP Management, JSC NK LUKOIL, JSC Sibur Holding, JSC Tatneft, JSC RussNeft, JSC RITEK. The conference was attended by head of department of the Russian Federal Agency of Energy Efim Goldman,  general director of JSC Trading House LUKOIL Rinat Dautov, head of tendering committee of JSC Sibur Holding  Abdullah Karaev, director of purchasing department of JSC TNK-BP Management Olga Malyshkina, supply chain director of JSC NK Rosneft Evgeny Kuts, supply chain director of JSC Tatneft Alexaner Avramenko, supply chain director of Eurasia Drilling Company Ivan Buzanov, first deputy general director of JSC Stroineft Vladimir Sergeev, supply chain director of  Yamburggazdobycha Anatoly Sementsov, business development director of Baker Hughes Igor Velikopolsky,  deputy director of supply chain department of JSC RussNeft Olga Strelkova, director of procurement logistics department of JSC NOVATEK Mikhail Shulyak, technical director of Uralmash-Drilling Equipment Ivan Rozhnov,  general director of Promteck group Sergey Zemtsov, director of Tomskneft-Service Valery Annenko, director of Vostok-Engineering Valery Baranenko,  supply chain director of Integra group Yury Zubkov,  supply chain director of JSC Stroineft  Vadim Kapustin, head of tenders and contracts department of JSC Stroineft Vladimir Kurenkov, deputy general director of Strotransgaz-Engineering Igor Mitrofanov, director of FMC in Russia Alexander Meshkov and others.
The conference was presided over by co-chairman of the Association of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers and president of Integra Felix Lyubashevsky, who is the former head of supply chain function of Tyumen Oil Company. Lyubashevsky noted the substantial progress made by the procurement services of the majority of oil companies, and shared his experience in logistics. For example, Lyubashevsky told about his efforts to create a mechanism of  building long-term relationships with equipment manufacturers in TNK-BP that was innovative in the industry. Lyubashevsky also emphasized the importance of adopting international best practices of creating oil industry supplier databases.
The conference participants called on the Association of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers to speed up creation of  the Registry of oil and gas industry contractors that would comprise scattered supplier data of oil companies. A number of oil producers expressed readiness to provide the Registry with supplier data that are not confidential as well as their references. According to the participants, the Registry would function as “a credit reference bureau”, where a potential customer could get references from companies that already dealt with a certain contractor.
The speakers noted that the unified Registry will be a new step towards a transparent supply system in the oil and gas industry, and that bona fide suppliers are ready to disclose their information.  

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