11th International Conference Oil & Gas Field Services in Russia, Neftegazservis-2016, October 20, 2016, Summary

October 20, 2016, at the address: Moscow, 22 Tverskaya St., InterContinental Hotel, 11th Conference "Oil & Gas Field Services in Russia" (NEFTEGAZSERVIS – 2016) will take place.

A traditional platform for meetings of heads of geophysical, drilling enterprises, as well as companies involved in repairing wells. Contractors in an informal atmosphere discuss topical issues with their customers - oil and gas companies.

The conference participants establish new useful contacts, exchange opinions on the situation in the oilfield service market, discuss issues arising in the process of interaction between oil and gas companies and their contractors.

The conference is attended by the supervisors of the oil service center of the oil&gas company and the heads of major geophysical and drilling companies, as well as well repair companies. The conference will focus on challenges that the Russian oilfield service is facing, issues of material and technical resources delivery to oilfields and interaction between customers and service contractors.

Main discussion issues:

  • Russian oilfield services market status and prospects of development
  • The role of customers and oilfield service companies in oilfield services market development
  • Special aspects of participation in procurement on electronic trading platform in Rosneft section
  • Analysis of standard requirements in effective business processes of drilling companies construction
  • How to improve the operational efficiency of repair teams? Solution for round checks and repairs
  • Complex insurance for oil and gas sector enterprises
  • Oil and gas experimental area: global experience and issues of modern oil and gas technologies and equipment testing in Russia

Annual survey of oil and gas companies

The conference of Neftegazservis-2016 will sum up the results of the annual survey of oil and gas companies and award the best oil and gas equipment manufacturers in the following categories: seismic prospecting, geophysics, operational and exploratory drilling, telemetry, HDD, WBC, bit service, TKRS, RIR and fishing service, support drilling fluids, well cementing, coiled tubing, hydraulic fracturing, ESP service.


Photos from the award ceremony in 2016


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