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Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

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Meeting on products supply to GazpromApril 24, 2007 Summary


About the meeting

On April 24, the OOO Gazkomplektimpeks that is a single source supplier for OAO Gazprom subsidiaries have held a meeting of company executives to look at Gazprom’s procurement procedures. The meeting was presided over by Gazprom board member and general director of Gazkomplektimpeks Igor Fedorov. The meeting was attended by all executives of OOO Gazkomplektimpeks that answered questions from heads of manufacturing companies.



Registration, distribution of materials, business communication  
- Igor Fedorov, Gazkomplektimpeks
- Valery Kanyuka, Gazkomplektimpeks
- Alexander Karagodov, Gazkomplektimpeks
- Igor Prostyakov, Presidential Administration
Main activities towards centralized procurement of products in Gazprom
Igor Fedorov
Board member  of Gazprom, General Director of Gazkomplektimpeks
Cooperation between oil and gas manufacturers and their customers
Alexander Romanikhin
President of Association of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers
Basic policies of Gazprom regarding quality assurance and product marketability
Alexander Karagodov
Deputy General Director, Quality Control,  Gazkomplektimpeks
Coffee break, business communication 
Bidding procedures in Gazprom
Ivan Trofimov
Head of Tender Committee, Gazkomplektimpeks
Imports replacement efforts
Leonid Makurov
Marketing Director of Gazprom’s subsidiaries
Product acceptance in OAO Gazprom
Maxim Polikarpov
Technical Director, Business Trend
Summing up the meeting

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