8th International Conference Modernization of Oil & Gas Refinery, Neftegazopererabotka-2018, September 12, 2018, Summary

September 12, 2018, at the address: Moscow, 22 Tverskaya St., InterContinental Hotel, 8th Conference "Modernization of Oil & Gas Refinery" (NEFTEGAZOPERERABOTKA – 2018) will take place.

Issues of modernization of oil and gas refining and petrochemical facilities, problems of interaction with licensors, the practice of import substitution, modern models for managing investment projects, standards and safety requirements. The annual conference "Oil and gas processing" helps to establish business contacts and mutual understanding between customers and contractors.

Main discussion issues:

  • Implementation of measures on reduction of APG burning and its utilization in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Yugra
  • Review of oil companies’ investment projects
  • Investments in gas piston generations for manufacturing enterprises on the territory of KhMAD
  • Innovative project of integrated solution of the problems of extreme territories by means of APG beneficial use and technologies Blockchain
  • ROLT gas piston power plants – efficient solution for APG recovery
  • The use of project financing tools while executing the oil and gas processing projects
  • Production of methanol and hydrogen from natural, associated petroleum gas and oil refinery wastes
  • Assistance and support of investment projects on Yugra territory
  • Industrial digitalization. From something on mind to something in kind
  • Multi-D® technology: Creation and usage of information model of complex engineering construction
  • Benchmarking of energy efficiency of oil refineries units with the use ofAnselm system
  • Digital engineering during design, installation and operation of FEC facilities with the use of BIM, AR, VR-technologies
  • Gas processing enterprises of Russia, status and prospects of development
  • Experience of industrial implementation of Russian hydroprocessing catalyst for Euro 5 manufacturing
  • Review of key projects under development: Moscow Oil Refinery, Omsk Oil Refinery
  • Arctic cascade technology
  • Increase of Russian participation share in oil and gas projects

Annual survey of oil and gas companies

At the Neftegazopererabotka-2018 conference, the results of the annual survey will be summed up and the best manufacturers will be awarded in the following categories: reactors, column equipment, pump equipment, furnace equipment, centrifugal pumps, capacitive equipment, air cooling units, pipeline fittings , heat exchange equipment, automation and automation, electrical products.


Photos from the award ceremony in 2018



Wall map "Russian oil and gas processing - 2019"

The wall map informs market participants about major investment projects in the field of oil and gas refining. Refineries, gas processing plants, LNG plants and other facilities are indicated. The map of 2018 was supplemented with information on the main facilities for the production of petroleum products, describing the stages of modernization, types of production processes, licensors, capacity, commissioning dates and other characteristics.

All participants receive an oil and gas map as a gift

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