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Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

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Oil and Gas Field Services in Russia October 17, 2018 Summary


About the Conference



A traditional platform for meetings of heads of geophysical, drilling enterprises, as well as companies involved in repairing wells. Contractors in an informal atmosphere discuss topical issues with their customers - oil and gas companies.

The conference participants establish new useful contacts, exchange opinions on the situation in the oilfield service market, discuss issues arising in the process of interaction between oil and gas companies and their contractors.

The conference is attended by the supervisors of the oil service center of the oil&gas company and the heads of major geophysical and drilling companies, as well as well repair companies. We discuss the weaknesses of the Russian oilfield service, the problems of providing the oilfield with material and technical resources, the interaction of customers and service contractors.

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In 2018, the conference will host:

  • Prospects of development of fields distributed reserves and intelligent technologies in hydrocarbons production
  • Discussion panel: “Challenges and capabilities in the oil service market”
  • Special section: “Drilling Mud and Chemicals for Wells Construction”


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- Yusha Gazgireev, State Duma
- Yuri Shafranik, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia
- Dmitry Makhonin, FAS Russia
- Alexey Kanashuk, Siberian Service Company
- Kamil Zakirov, Bashneft-Service Assets
- Polina Galova, EY
- Dmitry Lebedev, REnergyCO

Annual survey of oil and gas companies

The conference Oil and Gas Services-2018 will sum up the results of the annual survey of oil and gas companies for 2018 and awarded the best oilfield services companies in the following categories: seismic prospecting; geophysics; operational and exploratory drilling; telemetry, HDD; WBC; bit service; , RIR and fishing service; support drilling fluids; well cementing; coiled tubing; Hydraulic fracturing; ESP service.

Winners of the year 2017


Oil and gas map "Russian oil and gas service - 2018"

The wall map informs market participants about major investment projects in the exploration and production unit. The oil and gas deposits are indicated. The map of 2018 was supplemented with information on the main works on the development and arrangement of deposits, the company's long-term plans, the timing of commissioning and other characteristics.

(before September 1, 2018 - applications for advertising on the map are accepted. Send request)

All participants receive an oil and gas card as a gift.




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