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Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

Moscow Annual Oil and Gas Conferences

oil-and-gas industry, electric power industry, coal mining industry

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Russian Engineering Industry Products for Siberian Oil and Gas Industry May 17, 2007


About the Conference

The conference is focused on how to increase Russian companies’ share in equipment supplies for major oil and gas projects being run in Siberian Federal District.
The Siberian Federal District currently sees large-scale pipeline construction projects. Commercial production of Vankorovskoye oil field is about to be launched, gasification of Siberia is underway including construction of gas pipeline and gas distribution stations.
Conference participants will be updated on the status of major Siberian projects and the needs for equipment and material resources. Additional consideration will be given to JV establishment with leading foreign companies that manufacture equipment for Siberian projects, as well as to initial experience of setting up industrial consortia for major oil and gas projects.


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