2th International Conference Offshore Oil & Gas Contracts, Neftegazshelf-2007, December 7, 2007, Summary

December 7, 2007, at the address: Moscow, 2 pl Europe, Radisson Slavyanskaya, 2th Conference "Offshore Oil and Gas Contracts" (NEFTEGAZSHELF – 2007) will take place.

The conference discusses not only the supply of industrial products to Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL, Gazflot and other companies working on the shelf, but also the issues of arranging ports and the coastal zone. The event will review issues of logistics and cargo delivery to platforms in particular. The conference will also announce the results of a survey of oil and gas companies that evaluate the readiness of enterprises for offshore operations.

Main discussion issues:

  • Shtokman field and prospects of local industrial enterprises participation in its integrated development
  • Ensuring Russian participation in supplies of industrial products for the oil-and-gas shelf development - an important state task
  • Brief overview of the 1st stage of Shtokman field development project. Main goals and issues of the project, and priority tasks of the industrial enterprises market development. The use of in-house and local resources
  • Development of the Far Eastern region shelf of Russia
  • Main aspects of ensuring quality and competitiveness of products supplied to Gazprom
  • Managed pressure drilling
  • Industrial safety as an important element of economic efficiency of offshore fields development projects - the Norwegian experience
  • LUKOIL offshore oil-and-gas infrastructure development projects
  • Promotion of Russian industrial products to new markets
  • Professional tool for ready-made solutions searching in complex company accounting and taxation situations
  • Continental shelf development. Problems of oil-and-gas engineering

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